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April 03 2008

Zomg. My back is killing me. Anyone have any relief suggestions?!

April 02 2008

Here's a question, brought on by http://pownce.com/arronbassett/ 's most recent post (thanks Aaron!) . . .

You are a workplace. You get all brand-new computers in the summer of '07. And you put IE6 on it.

Why? Whywhywhywhywhy?

(Yes. This happened to me. Ugh.)

March 31 2008

I totally dig the 'add message' when friending someone. I wish more people used it!

March 21 2008

I'm about to leave for the airport, powncers! Wish me luck with the check-in process!!

March 19 2008

Mar 21

Pandora Crosses the Pond!

17:45 Germany Add this event to a calendar application
I'm heading to Germany to visit a friend! WOOHOO! What do I bring?! XD
Okay Powncers. iPod vs music on CD. What do you think? Which way should I go? (I'm going to Germany...)

March 14 2008

math pi piano solo

Happy Pi Day!

I celebrate with music of pi! (=

March 05 2008

American Idol Boys Night - 4 stinkers, 2 good ones. 2 to go.

February 26 2008

Feb 26

My Birthday!

21:10 Everywhere! Add this event to a calendar application
I put 9:10 because my mom says that's about when I - arrived. (; hee. Happy Birthday to me... (;
I knew I loved Pownce. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts yesterday. <3 for Powncers.

February 25 2008

Got a call from my dad, who got a call from my aunt. My grandmother died.

And all I can think about is - wow. What a sucky birthday present.

Selfish much? Yeah. That's what I thought about myself too. :/

February 22 2008

I asked for snow for my birthday. It came early, but I got it. And a day off from work. Horray!

Pandora's Box : Opening boxes since the turn of the century

The longest blog post I've made in recent memory. The sad thing? It was about the American Idol results show. I'm so shamed.

February 19 2008

My goodness, pownce! You have been BUSY today! (= I trust everyone is having a good day?

February 18 2008

EBay buyers & sellers - Join the EBay strike - 2/18 - 2/25 : Indybay

Okay, powncers! Do any of you know anything about this? I'm all curious now. (;

February 17 2008

Hello, Pownce! How is your weekend?!

February 15 2008

Happy Heart Day, everyone!

I had a great day and I am in a fantastic mood. Thanks to everyone who replied to my "rejection" note yesterday. Apparently, I was more mourning being rejected then mourning the loss of the guy. (;

February 14 2008

Yanno, nobody likes rejection. Rejection the day before valentine's day sucks way more. >___<

February 13 2008

Two hour delay for work. I'm understandably slow getting out of the house. Help me, Pownce. I'm so slow...

February 11 2008

Pandora's Box : Opening boxes since the turn of the century

The Meltdown for the week, my own personal meme. Join in, if you like. Feel free to post it here on pownce. (=
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